Business Brokerage/M&A Firm

Nationally only 20% of businesses for sale by business brokerage firms actually sell. At the Benjamin Ross Group, we sell over 96% of the businesses that we represent. How do we do it?

  • Based on our vast experience selling companies and the unique Benjamin Ross Group process, we know which businesses will sell and which ones will not.
  • Our business brokerage firm offers expertise, professionalism, and a large network of qualified buyers.
  • We know what buyers of businesses are seeking.
  • We sell over 50 businesses every year and we turn down approximately 500 businesses a year that want to engage us.
  • We only represent well managed businesses and that is why we attract so many good qualified buyers every day.
  • All of the businesses for sale that we represent are real, well run, good solid companies.
  • With our exclusive multi-level screening process, we ensure that each buyer that contacts us is properly qualified. Our goal is to find the perfect buyer for each business we represent.

Our business brokerage firm sells five times more businesses than the national average. If you’re interested in finding a partner to help sell your business, we invite you to click here to download our fact sheet to learn more about our firm. You can also contact us to speak to one of our experts.

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