Benjamin Ross Group releases new book, WHERE’S THE EXIT

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Benjamin Ross Group releases new book,

Southampton, Pa – Nationally recognized business broker expert Michael Lefkowitz, owner of the Benjamin Ross Group (, says proper exit planning is the key to preparing a small business for sale. Lefkowitz’s business brokerage firm specializes in the sale of well managed privately held businesses.

“There are four common mistakes owners make in their businesses as it relates to their ability to sell. These four errors cause owners to leaves thousands, sometimes millions of dollars on the settlement table, that is assuming the business is sellable,” said Lefkowitz. In his new book, WHERE’S THE EXIT, he clearly identifies the four mistakes and explains how to fix these common problems. “By being aware of these pitfalls and making a few changes that are transparent to the public, business owners are in a better position to reap the benefits of their hard work,” said Lefkowitz

Nationally, only 20 percent of businesses on the market actually sell, according to a study by INC magazine. By contrast, the Benjamin Ross Group arranges sales for about 95 percent of its clients.

“People are leaving significant amounts of money on the table when they decide to sell,” said Lefkowitz, “We see too many cases where owners do not have a business to sell. Although they may be making a profit and have a great reputation, the reality is their business is just not sellable”.

Lefkowitz, who has been in the business brokerage/mergers and acquisitions field for 22 years, explained that every company has a life cycle. At some point every business owner will exit their business and when that time comes, the owner has two choices: close the doors and liquidate assets, or be acquired. “Finding someone to buy a business provides the best opportunity for maximum profit and long-term security,” stated Lefkowitz.

“The best time to begin planning for your exit is the day you open the business,” he said. The ultimate goal of every business owner is to build up the company and sell it for a profit. In this easy to read book, WHERE’S THE EXIT, every business owner, regardless of the size of the company, will learn how to make their business sellable and maximize their profits. This is a must read for every business owner.

NOTE – Michael Lefkowitz has more than 22 years of experience. He is a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) and a Merger and Acquisition Master Intermediary (M&AMI), which has been granted to 68 people worldwide, including only three in Pennsylvania. He is available for interviews or as a resource on business-related news topics. Michael can be contacted at (215) 357-9694 and

About the Benjamin Ross Group: With offices in Southampton (Bucks County), Pa., Radnor (Delaware County), Pa. and Princeton, NJ, the Benjamin Ross Group is the most experienced, professional and exclusive business sales, mergers and acquisitions/business brokerage firm in the Mid-Atlantic Region. The company represents well-managed businesses, regardless of their size. It provides a full range of services relating to buying, selling or merging businesses; business financing and valuation; and exit planning. For more information, go to:

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