Benjamin Ross Group Sells B2B Service Company

Benjamin Ross Group Sells DKC Landscaping, Bucks County, PA

Southampton, PA – September, 2018 – Benjamin Ross Group, a mergers and acquisitions/business brokerage firm,, is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of our client, DKC Landscaping in Bucks County, PA, to a private investor.

DKC Landscaping, established in 1988, offers a full range of professional landscaping services for both residential and commercial customers. They serve homeowners and associations, as well as small to large businesses.

Benjamin Ross Group ( performed a valuation of the company, was engaged as a business broker to sell the business, identified a qualified candidate to purchase the business, and secured SBA financing for the transaction. The Benjamin Ross Group works with business owners who want to sell their businesses and routinely sells 95% of the businesses they represent, whereas the national average is only 20%.

Jason Shapiro, buyer of DKC Landscaping, said “The team at Benjamin Ross Group was superb. Michael Lefkowitz was professional in all his endeavors, had deep relationships, and knew the seller well. Beth Goodman became more involved throughout the diligence process. They were both responsive to all of my inquiries and quickly addressed any potential issues as they arose during the transaction.”


About Benjamin Ross Group: Benjamin Ross Group represents business owners who want to sell their businesses and leave their employees and customers in capable hands. We support our clients through the biggest business decision of their lives, so they can move on with confidence, peace of mind, and the most competitive price for their hard work. We sell 95% of the businesses we represent, compared to the national average of 20%. And we earn our clients’ trust because of our expertise, professionalism, and extensive network. For more information, go to: