Benjamin Ross Group Partner Elected to President of Pennsylvania Business Brokers Association

Benjamin Ross Group Partner Elected to President of Pennsylvania Business Brokers Association

Michael Meyer, partner of the Benjamin Ross Group, a business broker / mergers and acquisitions firm, has just been elected as President of the Pennsylvania Business Brokers Association.


The Pennsylvania Business Brokers Association is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is promoting ethics, education, networking and cooperative communication among transactional professionals and business intermediaries in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states. The Pennsylvania Business Brokers Association established in 1998 is an affiliate of the International Business Brokers Association and one of only 16 regional organizations of its kind in the country.


Business Brokers, also called Intermediaries for larger transactions, are generally engaged as advisors to business owners of closely held businesses though some members will be engaged to represent buyers. Most will value a business, find ready, willing and able buyers/sellers to purchase or sell the ownership of a business, will negotiate and document the details necessary to bring a transaction to a close. The practice of business brokerage, by its very nature, demands an acumen for business operations with a genuine respect for confidentiality. The professionals of the Pennsylvania Business Brokers Association come together to experience the benefits of group synergism with the end goal of better serving their respective clients.



About Michael Meyer: Michael Meyer is a nationally recognized mergers and acquisitions business intermediary and author of Deal Killers: What To Avoid When Selling Your Business, a practical guide for current and future business owners who will, at some point, consider the sale of their business.

Michael brings more than 35 years of entrepreneurial, business development, and negotiating experience to his clients. A former owner of multiple successful businesses in the entertainment, publishing, retail and corporate gift fields, Michael is not only skilled in closing deals, he is an experienced entrepreneur.

Michael started his first company at age 17 and by the time he reached 30, he had launched multiple businesses, employing hundreds of people. Michael brings to the table an in depth knowledge of business, financing, deal structuring, and extensive experience in all phases of the acquisition process. In addition, Michael is a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) – a prestigious designation in the business brokers’ field awarded to intermediaries who have proven professional excellence through verified education, successful practical experience, industry expertise and ethical values aligned with the International Business Brokers Association standards of professionalism.

Michael has successfully represented hundreds of businesses for sale through the complicated process of getting to the closing table. He understands, preparing for the successful sale of a company is no doubt a challenge, and for most business owners, this is usually a once-in-a-lifetime event. Having experienced it himself, Michael recognizes the highly emotional decisions owners face when buying or selling a business.



About the Benjamin Ross Group: With offices in Princeton, NJ, Southampton, PA, and Radnor, PA, the Benjamin Ross Group is a professional mergers and acquisitions, business brokerage firm, representing business owners who want to sell their businesses and leave their employees and customers in capable hands.  We support our clients through the biggest business and financial decision of their lives, so they can move on with confidence, peace of mind, and the most competitive price for their hard work. And we earn our client’s trust because of our expertise, professionalism, and extensive network. For more information, go to: