Michael Meyer Hosts Virtual Event on Communication

Michael Meyer Hosts Virtual Event on Communication

Michael Meyer, partner at the Benjamin Ross Group and President of the Pennsylvania Business Brokers Association (PBBA), along with Dr. Patricia Scott, President and CEO of Uhmms, hosted a Zoom event on communication in the new virtual world.

In light of the pandemic, businesses have had to suddenly change to become even more virtually connected. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the average adult attention span is now eight seconds. The average attention span of a goldfish is nine seconds. With shorter attention spans, we are quickly having to master the tactics of virtual communication, while keeping our audiences engaged.

“Dr. Scott did a fantastic job to help us think through the strategy of how virtual engagement can be improved,” said Michael Meyer. “Her presentation presented a toolbox based on what has been learned from the study of neuroscience and communication to make virtual interactions have more value and enhance our ability to deliver our messages more clearly and more effectively,” added Meyer. Participants were better able to understand the unique needs of today’s audience and are now better able to adapt their messages for increased connection moving forward.


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The Pennsylvania Business Brokers Association (PBBA) is an association of Business Brokers and M&A intermediaries whose goal is to promote the growth and professionalism of the business brokerage community. If you would like further information on joining the PBBA, please click here: Join PBBA


About Uhmms – Patricia B. Scott, Ph.D.

Dr. Patricia Scott will help you speak, lead and inspire and can enhance any presentation, conversation, negotiation, sales call or interview. Her specialty is teaching the tools and strategy to break through distraction. In today’s world with so much noise, she can help you get your message heard. More than 15 years of corporate leadership experience — coupled with a Ph.D. in Communication, her role as Lecturer in the Communication Program at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and her two national best-selling books “Getting a Squirrel to Focus: Engage and Persuade Today’s Listeners” and “Getting a Squirrel to Focus on Presentations: Don’t Just Inform, Transform Your Audience” — establish her as a leader in the field of communication and provides her clients a unique blend of time-tested strategies and real-world application. Dr. Scott specializes in the art and science of communication and will help you polish your skills, build your confidence and make your personal communication more effective. Whether it is public speaking, persuasion, data presentation, or facilitation, her methods can enhance any communication.  For more information, visit her website at www.uhmms.com.