Benjamin Ross Group Sells Specialized Design Service Company, Philadelphia, PA

Benjamin Ross Group Sells Specialized Design Service Company, Philadelphia, PA

Southampton, PA – January, 2021 – Benjamin Ross Group, a mergers and acquisitions/business brokerage firm,, is pleased to announce that we have recently sold the specialized design service company, Sunflower Creations in Philadelphia, PA to a private investor.


About Sunflower Creations

Sunflower Creations, established in 2009, is a staging company located in Philadelphia, PA. They declutter homes or supply furniture and accessories to homes in preparation for sale to make them more appealing.

Amanda Alligood, former owner of Sunflower Creations, had this to say about the Benjamin Ross Group: “When I approached the Benjamin Ross Group, I wasn’t confident my business would sell. I knew it was worth something, but I could not imagine who would buy a niche business like mine. But Benjamin Ross Group found multiple interested buyers and got my business sold very quickly and during the pandemic! Their process is smooth and seamless. Michael and his team are experts at this, plus they are great to work with! I cannot recommend them enough, whether you are buying or selling a business. I’m so glad I finally took the steps and reached out to them.”


About Benjamin Ross Group

Benjamin Ross Group ( performed a valuation of the company, was engaged as a business broker to sell the business, identified a qualified candidate to purchase the business, and secured SBA financing for the transaction.

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