Benjamin Ross Group Sponsors Hero-Hunts Foundation

Benjamin Ross Group Sponsors Hero-Hunts Foundation

Benjamin Ross Group, a Mergers & Acquisitions/Business Brokerage firm, sponsored the Hero-Hunts Foundation this past weekend at the 7th Annual Harvest Ridge Winery Food Truck Competition.

Hero Hunts Foundation (HHF) was founded in 2016 to express gratitude to the Service Members and Veterans of the US Armed Forces. They have been supporting veterans and veterans’ groups locally in Delaware and the surrounding area for quite a while. This foundation was formed to express deep gratitude to the men and women who have made sacrifices so we may remain free and safe.

The Mission of the Hero-Hunts Foundation is to recognize those who have served and sacrificed for our country by providing them the opportunity to reconnect with the outdoors.  Some experiences they have done and continue to do are deer hunts, providing Disney trips to young families, donation of gift cards and book bags with supplies to teachers and children on DAFB, and donate turkeys for Thanksgiving. They also plan on including duck hunting, fishing, and other excursions in the future.


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