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Ross Lefkowitz

Ross Lefkowitz, MBA


Ross Lefkowitz is a distinguished Partner at Benjamin Ross Group, a renowned mergers and acquisitions firm specializing in a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, technical services, distribution, and ecommerce. With a robust educational background, Ross holds an MBA along with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Delaware, where he cultivated a deep understanding of both business strategy and technical expertise.

Early in his career, Ross gained invaluable experience by founding and building medical device companies. This hands-on experience provided him with firsthand knowledge of the challenges and rewards associated with entrepreneurship, as well as the journey of preparing a business for sale. Motivated by his passion for assisting business owners in achieving successful exits, Ross made the decision to join Benjamin Ross Group, which his father had founded.

At Benjamin Ross Group, Ross leverages his entrepreneurial background and M&A expertise to guide clients through the complexities of selling their businesses. His comprehensive understanding of business operations, coupled with his proficiency in negotiation, valuation techniques, and securing bank financing, enables him to deliver tailored solutions that align with the unique goals of each client.

Ross is known for his integrity, dedication, and commitment to excellence in facilitating seamless transitions and maximizing value for business owners across various sectors. He continues to uphold Benjamin Ross Group’s legacy of providing exceptional service and strategic guidance throughout the mergers and acquisitions process.