Ernest A. Barbaris

When we first tried to sell our business in 2016, our law firm recommended a broker. We talked to the broker, had all the details worked out, and when it came time to sign the broker’s agreement they told us we had to pay an up-front fee of $25,000. They waited to the very last minute to spring this on us. They said that our business was very difficult to sell and that is why they needed the extra money. I told them I do not do business with people like them.

Then we got a very lucky break when we met Michael Meyer at the Benjamin Ross Group. I cannot possibly say enough about what he did for us. He knows his business. He never told us anything that was not true and never put any pressure on us to do anything we did not want to do. If it was not for his persistence to keep going, we would have given up. He sold our business for what we thought was a good deal for us.  I was ready to give up, but Mike never stopped working for us. I could not believe he kept going. Then he found us the perfect guy who is capable of growing our business – something I could no longer do at 79 years old. Mike is the ultimate professional.  Mike you are the greatest.