Jerry Kolton

As things settle following the sale of Universal Filters, Inc., I have had time to reflect, not only on the positive result, but on the entire process from the time we first met. Every one of the commitments you made was met in exemplary fashion.

The contract you offered was quickly modified to meet my specific concerns as they related to the unique characteristics of my business.

You promised to introduce me to a continuing stream of qualified buyers, and you did so without hesitation. The earlier part of the process was an education and provided the opportunity for me to narrow my focus on the type of buyer I was seeking. As the process continued, I realized that some of my earlier thoughts were changing. The fact that you understood that my concerns were not just financial, but also related to leaving the company in the hands of someone who was looking to retain existing employees made it easier for me.

You required me to provide detailed financial documentation, which although time consuming, was necessary and the fact that you and others in your office checked everything I sent created a high level of confidence in your work and that of your firm. It was clear that you were going to be as honest with a prospective buyer as you were with me and I respected and appreciated your approach.

You were concerned about the buyer’s fit to the business and potential for future success.

When it became evident that one prospect, who had expressed strong interest, lacked the ability to make a firm decision, you did not waste my time hoping that the buyer would “come around”. The value you placed on my time was greatly appreciated.

You never hesitated, never lost interest, never stopped, never slowed down. Your persistence, intelligence, and experience were continuously displayed, from our first meeting, right through the closing, and beyond.

If anyone you may be working with in the future wants to discuss my experience with you, I will be glad to do so.

Thank you for your help and best wishes for the future!