Larry Scott Thierolf

After suffering through a horrible experience with another broker in a failed attempt to sell my business, I interviewed five business brokers to make another attempt.  As a result, I chose Michael Lefkowitz from the Benjamin Ross Group for several reasons.  First, his business plan on how to market the company was unique to all the others and the plan was simple, thorough, and ended up being incredibly effective. Another main reason was Michael’s take charge, confident attitude that made me feel I wanted him on my team.  The competitors’ comments were that the Benjamin Ross Group utilized a “my way or the highway business plan”, but I learned that those comments seemed to be made out of envy.  The entire process went so smoothly that I kept waiting for a shoe to drop, but it never did!  A huge component of that success is due to Benjamin Ross Group’s staff, which plays an important role in a process like this. Tending to tasks and lending support to both buyer and seller with an experienced understanding of the process was paramount.  Being thoroughly prepared eliminated setbacks that normally arise, allowing buyer and seller to be very comfortable with the agreement and getting to the settlement table on the date estimated at the beginning of the process!  What more could anyone ask for?!!