Deal Killers

DEAL KILLERS: WHAT TO AVOID WHEN SELLING YOUR BUSINESS, is a practical guide for current and future business owners who will, at some point, consider the sale of their business. The sale of a business is a complicated and stressful process and most people don’t realize that only one in five, or twenty percent of the businesses that enter the marketplace actually sell. Even more troubling are the vast numbers of possible sales that fall apart during negotiations or due diligence and never make it to the closing table.

Most issues or “deal killers” can suddenly appear in the heat of deal negotiations and due diligence, but truth is, many are a myriad of expectations that were not addressed prior to putting the business on the market. Understanding the deal killers in advance of undertaking a sale process is critical when you decide it’s the right time to sell.

This book covers the most blatant issues many business owners overlook that destroy a company’s salability if they are left undetected and unresolved. Being well prepared will position your business to minimize the risks and maximize the potential rewards, by avoiding the most common and costly mistakes.

Author: Michael Meyer, CBI
Publication Date: December 2018
ISBN: 978-1633852907
Page Count: 90
Topics: Business Exit Strategy
Format: Print
Price: $18.95 (Regular) plus S&H ($5.00)

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