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Business Acquisition Financing

At the Benjamin Ross Group, we understand how difficult it can sometimes be to obtain business acquisition financing. That is why we serve as financial consultants.

The experienced and professional business brokers at Benjamin Ross Group will work with you to help ease this process and obtain the business acquisition financing you need to buy or sell a business. We conduct credit evaluations and preliminary underwriting which will ultimately save you time and money.

With over 30 years experience in business sales, mergers and acquisitions our business brokers have been able to build strong relationships with banks, guarantors, commercial finance companies, asset-based lenders, venture capitalists, and many other public and private lenders to ensure the best loan at the best rate.

The business brokers at the Benjamin Ross Group are also experts in Small Business Administration (SBA) business acquisition financing. We secure loans for qualified applicants when other brokers cannot.

We make it as easy and fast as possible to secure the business acquisition financing you need to purchase the business of your dreams.

Call Benjamin Ross Group today to speak with one of our business brokers and to “Experience the Professional Difference.”

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