Exit Strategy Business

Selling your business is the ultimate goal of every business owner. You’ve spent years creating something from nothing, investing hours of sweat equity in building it from the ground up, planning every detail, big and small. Now it’s time to let go, to make a graceful and hopefully profitable exit. Of course that’s assuming you can sell your business at all.  We wrote the book on the Exit Strategy Business.

  • The typical business owner wants to sell after 5 years
  • Only 20% of businesses on the market actually sell
  • Learn 4 common mistakes that business owners make and how to fix them

Author: Michael Lefkowitz CBI, M&AMI
Publication Date: June 2009
ISBN: 978-0-578-01048-9
Page Count: 80
Topics: Exit Strategy Business
Format: Print
Price: $24.95 (Regular) plus S&H ($5.00)

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