When Should You Think About the Sale of Your Business?

When Should You Think About the Sale of Your Business?

Selling your business is the ultimate goal of every business owner.  You’ve spent years creating something from nothing, invested hours of sweat equity in building it, planning every detail, big and small. You celebrated the successes and laid awake nights worrying when something went wrong.

The simple fact is that most businesses are not properly positioned to sell. Owners are so focused on the day-to-day operations that they do not pay attention to the exit.

By correcting the most common mistakes that most business owners make, you can put hundreds of thousands – in some case millions – of dollars into your pocket. People are leaving significant amounts of money on the settlement table – or not even getting there at all – simply because they are not doing what it takes to prepare their business for sale.

Start planning for your exit the day you open your business. I know that sounds radical, but it is the only way you can assure that you will be rewarded financially for all your hard work.

The professional brokers at the Benjamin Ross Group can assist you with the Exit Planning process.

If you are thinking about selling your business, please contact our office to speak with an advisor who can help you start the process.